Wanna a Free Newspaper? You Can Get An Electronic One Every Day From Patch

Lakewood Patch offers a newsletter - which can serve as the community's electronic newspaper -that users can receive daily or weekly, as well as breaking news alerts and Patch deals.

Who says nothing is free these days?

You can get a free newsletter from Patch that's delivered right to your e-mail inbox. You can sign up for the day's top headlines, a weekly recap of top content, breaking news alerts and daily deals offered by Patch.

And it's sooooo simple. Here's how:

1) Visit lakewood.patch.com

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page and under "Goodies," click "Patch Newsletter"

3) Log in or enter your e-mail address, then check the boxes next to the material you want to receive.

4) Click "Subscribe"

That's it! You've officially signed up for a free Patch newsletter. Read it. Enjoy it. Love it.

But I recommend against using it to line your birdcage.


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