Yard-Sale Season is Getting Underway: Post Yours On Lakewood Patch

Sellers can reach a local audience and buyers can browse. It's free and easy.

It's the season to clean out garages or to find useful items or potential treasures that a neighbor would like to disappear. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, Lakewood Patch allows free advertising for garage sales.

Help us help you get rid of your unwanted items or to find stuff you might want or need. Check out the Events tab on the banner across the top of this page. The drop-down menu reveals garage sales. You can post your sale or see what others are offering.

Bonus: If you really want to sell your stuff, upload some photos of what people can expect to find at your sale (don't forget to title the photo with the address of your sale). We also offer some tips for sellers:

  • Get organized: Sort your items well in advance of your sale. 
  • Display: Figure out how you're going to display your items. Do you have enough tables or a clothes racks to hang items on? If not, figure out a way to borrow what you will need.
  • Pricing: Clearly price your items ahead of time. And, price them to sell.
  • Show me the money: Make sure you have a cashbox with some money in it to make change the day of your sale.


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