Zombeewatch.org Testing Shows University Place Has State's Second Confirmed Zombie Bee

According to the website, the bee was infected. Patch user Larry Golden broke the news to us over the weekend.

It's official. The Flying Dead are in University Place.

Over the weekend, one of our Facebook users and hobbyist bee keeper, Larry Golden of University Place, told Patch that one of his bees was being tested to determine if it was a Zombie Bee.

ZOMBIES! I know, it creeps me out too. They don't eat brains, but a parasite does cause them to fly erratically at night, around lights, before they drop dead.

The first confirmed case was in Kent. We were waiting to declare whether UP had the distinction of being home to the state's second case.

Today, I checked the website, Zombeewatch.org, which relies on bee enthusiasts to report the parasite and tests a bee's zombie validity.

Sure enough, according to the markers on Zombeewatch.org's map, University Place has the second confirmed case in Washington state. Others are being tested.

One sample count. One infected sample. Credit to Golden for spotting it and just as importantly, sharing it with Patch.

What a distinction for University Place. Let's take a few moments to celebrate, then we should make a beeline out of here. (Just kidding)

Brent Champaco October 11, 2012 at 12:39 AM
BEES!!! How appropriate for Halloween >:O


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