Pho Hoa Noodle Soup Rivals Any Other in Lakewood

Their broth, fast service and laid-back dining area make it my favorite place for authentic Vietnamese food.

With the prevalence of noodle soup restaurants, in Lakewood is my top choice.

I dropped in Friday afternoon and ordered the Pho Tai, Chin Nac (steak, Brisket Pho) with a fresh spring roll. In less than five minutes, there was a piping hot bowl of noodles, meat and broth.

I added sprouts, cilantro, basil, and jalapeño and squeezed some lime into my Pho. After adding a few key sauces from the table, I twirled the noodles and meat using a fork. I'm not a chopsticks expert and probably never will be. I used a deep spoon to slowly sip the sweet, smooth and tasty broth.

It was delicious.

I dipped my fresh spring roll in the peanut sauce and added more spicy sauce for nearly every bite. Needless to say my nostril passages instantly cleared up from all the spiciness.

There are at least a half dozen Pho restaurants in Lakewood. My first Pho experience was at right across the street. But I recently learned that Pho Hoa is Vietnamese owned and Pho Tai is Korean owned.

Pho is Vietnamese-style food, so I like to keep it as authentic as possible.

Let us know what your favorite Pho restaurant is so I may consider visiting a new place.

Corine Jackson January 27, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Marques, try Pho PQ across from Wendy's on Bridgeport. The sign says Joy Pho but it has a new owner. He's very friendly and the restaurant has a quieter atmosphere than most pho places. They also serve really good vietnamese sandwiches and wraps. That being said, I also really love, love, love Pho Hoa!


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