What Should Go In Former Happy Days Casino Building?

The building along Bridgeport Way Southwest has been vacant for two years.

Do you ever drive past a vacant building and wonder if anything will ever go in there?

You're not alone.

Lakewood-JBLM Patch wants hear what you think should go in these empty spots around town. There's nothing scientific about this, nor do our opinions have any bearing on what will eventually go in these locations. But there's nothing wrong with dreaming.

This week: the former Happy Days Casino location off Bridgeport Way Southwest.

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The bulding has been up for sale since 2011, when plans to open another casino in the same location fizzled.

It closed in 2010 because the owner owed some $35,000 in back taxes, prompting Lakewood to revoke its business license.

It will be interesting whether a potential buyer would try to open another casino or try to open something else.

Now we want to hear from you, Lakewood-JBLM Patch users. What do you think should go here? Tell us in the comments below.

Bob Roberts February 27, 2013 at 09:47 PM
I own a large property on 115th, a block from Happy Days and I'll tell you what should go in that spot. A police station. Ive been there 12 years and the neighborhood made a lot of positive progress untill last summer when one of the apartment buildings directly behind Happy Days started renting to anybody with a pulse. I personally called Lakewood Police dozens of times and also provided them with names, addresses and lic plate numbers. Nothing. The Happy Days building is located in what the city of Lakewood has dubbed the Lakewood Transit District because of its proximity to the new station that is on Pac Hwy ND butts up against the end of 115th. That neighborhood should be spotless and a big attraction to business but because of the way the LPD spends all its time writing traffic tickets, this area is out of control. Just sayin.


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