WOW: Would You Pay $6 Bucks for a Cup'a Starbucks Joe?

Would you pay $6 for a tall cup of Costa Rica Finca Palmilera at Starbucks?

Six dollars.

You could pay that much if you visit the Issaquah Meadows Starbucks at– 1460 Northwest Gilman Boulevard, Suite K1, in Issaquah, or other select Starbucks locations.

That's the price Starbucks is tagging to a tall cup of its newest, special blend of coffee. Dubbed Costa Rica Finca Palmilera Geisha varietal coffee, the new brew packs intense flavor, according to the coffee giant.

According to the Starbucks Melody blog:

Sourced from just three hectares out of the 90 hectare estate, Starbucks purchased all of the Geisha coffee offered by the Sanchez family.  This amounted to only about 700 large burlap bags of coffee, which was roughly 3,800 pounds of green coffee.  I should point out that this is indeed an extremely small coffee acquisition, and not enough to provide very many stores with it.  The acquisition of coffee was so tiny that it was roasted not at the very large roasting plant in Kent, Washington, rather it was actually roasted in small batches at the Starbucks headquarters at 2401 Utah Avenue South.

That may explain the abnormally high price for the coffee, even for Starbucks. Personally, I'm willing to pay $4 for a cup (call me crazy, I know) if its flavor does a Gangnam Style routine on my taste buds, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

But $6 for a tall cup of joe? And it's not even a venti size, for bean's sake! People have paid that much for a drink, but it's usually after work at the bar, not before.

However, if the stuff tastes like heaven as they say, I might give it a shot. (I know, my hypocrisy knows no bounds)

So we ask you, Patch users, would you pay $6 for Starbucks' new brew? Let us know in the comments.

Jeanne Gustafson November 28, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Pretty interesting comments on our Facebook page--Trey says it's worth it depending on who you're taking out for coffee! Join the conversation here or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SammamishIssaquachPatch


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