Hot off the Grill at Steamers Seafood Cafe

If you are tired of being chilly, then try something grilled, hot, seared or fried. No matter what option, it's always hot at Steamers.

Often when I think about seafood, my mind drifts to the glorious Tacoma waterfront and the likes of old time favorites such as Harbor Lights or C.I. Shenanigans. This time, however, the word ‘Steamers’ floated in my ear and before I knew it, I was headed upstream with one thing on my mind—fish and chips.

Now of course I could not go on my foodie trek without my dining partner D.P., so I called him and set the time, anxious for some fried delight. On the very unusual occasion that we showed up at the same time, I saw him walking towards me and then suddenly disappear in front of a doorway. Of course… the BTBM, or as we like to call it, the Beach Tavern Beckoning Moment, had captured his attention.  

He was definitely disappointed he was in the wrong spot, but I promised him bourbon and a burger, because “The Beach” is a hidden food and drink heaven—deserving enough for all the Angel fishes in the ocean and a Dining Diva review.

Even though I had my heart set on Steamers fish and chips, it was hard to ignore the fabulous selections on the board, especially the incredibly priced lunch specials. But, I stuck to my guns and ordered the two-piece halibut and chips while D.P. decided on the healthier option of grilled cod in light herbed lemon butter and a Caesar salad. It was difficult not order a side of the creamy smooth clam chowder, but I fought against the current of hunger.

When my lunch arrived it was steaming hot and the halibut was a perfect glistening golden brown. The fries were the perfection of what a French fry should look, feel and taste like. 

Bait for a hungry fish.

The halibut was amazingly flakey and the light battered crust was a perfection of crispiness and even more flavorful with a squeeze of lemon. For future reference, I will let the halibut rest a moment, because if the name Steamers isn't obvious enough, it was steaming hot. I am not complaining -- it was my own fault for wanting to take it all in, hook, line and sinker. Also, remember my decision to not order the clam chowder?

The tartar sauce became my clam chowder. I am not ashamed.

I thought my lunch was an awesome choice until I tasted D.P.’s grilled cod.  How do the kids these days say it? OMC! (Oh My Cod!) The fish was juicy, flakey, tender and firm and was topped with deliciously subtle light herbed lemon butter. He did have to cut me off when I asked for a third bite. As far as the salad, it was a standard tasty Caesar and not overly dressed. The coleslaw was really a waste of plate space, as it lacked any flavor.

Overall, the lunch was excellent and as an added extra was the amazing view of the Sound and of the Narrows Bridge. On a nice day, there are picnic tables for outside seating; for the kid in all of us there is the railroad with a constant stream of trains to rumble on by. If you have never thrown a penny on the tracks to see it being squashed by the mighty forces of a train, then just watching it happen is pretty fun!

So what could be better than a casual seafood restaurant with amazing dining options, local beer selections on tap and a great view? Why, breakfast of course. Steamers now has one of the most extensive breakfast menus I have encountered in a while that I absolutely cannot wait to try. With items like the Salmon Cake Benedict, Shrimp and Scallop Omelete and Country Grilled Chicken and Eggs, how can one possibly resist?

Steamers have four locations: Tacoma-Titlow Beach, Kirkland, Seattle-Pier 56 and Seattle Center House. One can order in or to-go and each location is family friendly. For more information, please visit www.steamersseafoodcafe.com/.

I only have one question for you: What will be your catch of the day?

Brent Champaco March 20, 2012 at 11:41 PM
I'm a big fan of Steamer's (or any place that serves good seafood, for that matter). What's hard to beat, however, is the view of Puget Sound and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Great stuff.
Patricia Mannie, Patricia & Co. March 22, 2012 at 08:53 PM
I love Steamers Fish & Ceaser salad! The have the best fries also
Christie Anderson March 22, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Awesome review....and I agree wholeheartedly!
Jennifer Chancellor March 23, 2012 at 01:50 AM
Two words: Coconut. Prawns.


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