Taqueria El Antojo, an Authentic Mexican Diner

Seasoned tortilla chips, different-flavored salsa dip and spicy pork tacos grabbed my taste buds as I screamed for water and more food.

Mexican food is one of my favorite ethnic meals, and I've been to plenty of spots in Lakewood. I changed it up and visited a new place.

Enter Taqueria El Antojo.

Taqueria El Antojo doesn't have booths. They don't have fancy tables, chairs or a stellar inner décor. But that wasn't my concern. I found Taqueria El Antojo to be a good Mexican restaurant to sit down or grab your food on the go.

It starts with the chips and salsa and Taqueria El Antojo has some of the best in Lakewood. The tortilla chips were sprinkled with a light seasoning salt. I tasted three different kinds of salsa from a hot (dark red) to a mild (green).

Eventually, I swirled all three together and concocted one helluva salsa dip. Now where's my water.

After extinguishing the flames from my spicy salsa experiment, I ordered their 50-cent tacos. Packed full of flavor, the spicy pork was rolled in hand-made tortillas and contained onions, tomatoes and other spices.

More water.

With the seasoned chips, salsa and mini tacos down, I ordered the Enchichimi, a combination of enchilada and chimichanga with choice of meat with a side of sour cream, guacamole, rice and beans.

My Enchichimi was tasty. The chimichanga flour tortilla was fried to a golden brown, but the pork and chicken was a little salty and the refried beans were a tad cold.

The 50 cent tacos were the highlight of the meal.

Assistant Manager Liliana Martinez, a very nice young lady, delivered my meal in nine minutes. Martinez said Taqueria El Antojo is opening another store in University Place off 56th and Orchard Street.

The staff moved through a steady stream of Lakewood customers. Families of various ethnic backgrounds picked up their food and exited. Mexican music played in the background. On the TV was a Mexican soap opera.

The exterior didn't have the look and feel of an authentic Mexican establishment like a or . However, I was impressed with the diner experience. Order from an extensive breakfast menu in the morning.

I'm coming back to this small and family-friendly Mexican establishment. I wish I'd been here already. The food, prices, ambiance and customer service was everything I hoped for in a Mexican eatery.

Name: Taqueria El Antojo

Where: 11916 Pacific Hwy S. Suite A Lakewood, WA

Contact: 253-983-1550

Menu: Click this link


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