E-MAIL TO THE EDITOR: Dick Muri Praises Denny Heck For Donating JZ Knight Contribution

The two candidates for the 10th Congressional District denounced the founder of the Ramtha School of the Enlightenment.

Last week 10th Congressional District candidate Dick Muri called on his opponent Denny Heck to donate a $3,500 campaign contribution he had received from cult leader JZ Knight, to a charity.

This request came after video footage surfaced of Ms. Knight making offensive, explicit remarks about Catholics, Jews, Gays, and Mexicans to a crowd at Ramtha’s School of the Enlightenment, in Yelm.

Yesterday, Heck’s Communications Director issued a statement denouncing the remarks andannounced the campaign will be donating the contribution to SafePlace’s freedom from sexual and domestic violence program.

Muri stated his enthusiasm over Heck’s pledge to donate the $3,500 to the Olympia based charity.

“I would like to thank and commend Denny for doing the right thing by denouncing Knight’s remarks, and donating her contribution to such a noble cause. There is no place in this world for such bigoted sentiments. My opponent and I certainly have our fair share of disagreements. But, this display of good will illustrates that, Republican, Democrat or otherwise, belief in upholding a standard civility and decency is something we all can agree on.”

Heck’s decision to donate Knight’s contribution to charity follows suit with other Thurston County Democrats and the Washington State Democratic Party donating Knight’s contributions to worthy causes.

-Campaign office of Dick Muri

John Arbeeny November 01, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Well good for Heck but I wonder why he or his campaign committee accepted it in the first place given Knight's reputation as a cult quack. By the way, $3500.00 is a tiny (less than .3%) insignificant amount compared to Heck's total campaign contributions (well in excess of $1M). Isn't it just like a politician to take something that stinks and come out smelling like a rose.
Christie Anderson November 01, 2012 at 07:25 PM
I guess he realized, that if he kept that money, he'd be going "Out on a Limb", lol


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