E-MAIL TO THE EDITOR: University Place Homeowner Warns Of Aggressive Meat Salesman

On Thursday, one UP Patch Facebook user writes, a man pushed through her front door. After giving his spiel, the man cussed at the woman and went to his running car. A woman in the car flipped off the homeowner and sped off.

Yesterday, about 3:15, an Iowa steak company driver pushed open my front door. No knock, no nothing. When one of our dogs began barking and charging through the house to attack him, he began to shout "Hello, I'm just in the neighborhood offering great deals on select cuts of meat."

Phone in one hand and growling, snarling, 100lb dog in the other, I ask him what the hell was he thinking just opening my front door like that, and he again begins his script about quality cuts of meat. I then tell him we don't purchase meat off trucks in the neighborhood and asked him if he had a solicitors license for the City of UP and he then muttered something under his breath, and said

"Don't you buy meat in the grocery, that (expletive) comes off a semi-truck, dummy". I then told him to get off my property and I'm calling the police. (My Credit Union was on the phone with me listening to this man, and offering to call for me at the same time)

As he was leaving, he had a woman in the front seat of the pickup with him, and she was flipping me off and making gestures of a crying baby, rubbing her eyes. They backed out of the driveway, almost colliding with another vehicle, and then sped off.

I called the number on the truck and reported them, and the woman who answered indicated to me the man shouldn't have been in our neighborhood in the first place. I informed her the next time he pushes his way through my front door, he will be greeted by all 4 of my dogs, rather than just one that I'm holding back, and quite possibly a Smith and Wesson.

These door-to-door steak salesmen have become far too aggressive for the likes of University Place. I want to make sure the neighbors are aware, and on guard for these types.

(Editor's note: This was a post left on University Place Patch's Facebook page by user Imagen. Don't forget to "Like" our page)

Imagen Bush October 13, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Like I said on your Facebook post; Believe me, I thought about letting him go... The way of the world these days, had I done that, I'd probably be forced to euthanize my dog for protecting his pack.
Howard and Barbara Lee October 13, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Interesting! I had a similar incident yesterday with a young man selling meat from a white panel truck. I opened the door and had my coon hound by the collar as she thought he looked real tasty. Watched him return to his truckand drive away. There was someone else in the truck but I couldn't really see them. Really never thought much of it but next time its 911. Also, I asked the same question about a business license but got no answer.
S A October 13, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Please report all incidents to the UP police dept. They will want to know any descriptions, license number or other information you may have. Then they can be watching for the truck in all UP neighborhoods. Even Fircrest and Lakewood PD's will be alerted.
Jennifer Ordway October 15, 2012 at 10:19 PM
If your phone is in your hand, snap a picture of him, the car, the passenger...all of it. Just snap away. Then lock the door and send them in to the PD when you call 911. Then they have all they need to record it (possibly a license plate #). Trespassing is hard if you don't know the name, but if you have an image you can just staple that to a trespass order and it's okay.
A thompson December 09, 2012 at 10:55 PM
There was a gentleman in his late 60s pounding on my door,when we answered he said something about a military program.i knew he didnt have that info. He mumbled stuff reaking of alchol,said his name was dennis drove off in a go d challenger,no he only pounded on my door it was weird. Look out for him somethings def off


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