E-MAIL TO THE EDITOR: Why Does Lakewood Need Another Liquor Store?

A longtime Lakewood resident writes that she is disgusted with the type of activity certain businesses attract.

WHY open up another liquor store?

I’m a mother who’s fed up with what is going around in my neighborhood.

I’ve lived in Lakewood since 1975 and I’m VERY DISGUSTED with what Lakewood has become.

I live very close to Albertson’s and I’m in shock with the available places you can get alcohol.

Within a one-block radious, there is Albertsons, Up in Smoke (where drug deals always happen behind their building), the gas station, two Mini Marts, Walgreens, a liquor store and NOW I just found out another one is opening next to O’Reily’s.

REALLY! Do we need that many stores that provide liquor?

It’s sad to see children running from Alberton’s at night with a case of beer and meeting their party in the parking lot of Up in Smoke, where a person picks them up. VERY SAD!

It’s sad that bums purchase their alcohol from these locations and walk down my street and act like it’s a beer garden and drink, smoke and do their drugs.

It’s SCARY that I have to run them off. How about one day they fight back!

This did not happen when I first moved into our home 11 years ago.

This started after Up in Smoke opened!

It just shows you when certain businesses open what it attracts!

It’s getting WORSE and it makes me sad!

From a mother who NOW lives in LakeHOOD!

(Editor's note: This was a post left on Lakewood Patch's Facebook page by user Deidre. Don't forget to "Like" our page)


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