REPORT: High-End Sentence Sought For Former Cop Who Stole Donations

Skeeter Timothy Manos faces beween 2 years, 3 months and 2 years, 9 months behind bars for stealing $112,000.

A former Lakewood Police officer will be recommended to serve a high-end prison sentence by federal prosecutors who say he used an account set up for the families of four fallen officers as a "personal piggy bank."

According to The News Tribune, federal prosecutor Robert Westinghouse wrote in a memorandum submitted this week to U.S. District Court Judge Robert Bryan that Skeeter Timothy Manos deserves the maxiumum sentence. Westinghouse also intends to ask Bryan to order Manos to pay full restitution.

Manos, 35, faces a sentence of between two years, three months and  two years, nine months behind bars.

Manos admitted stealing $112,000 in donations meant for the families of four officers fatally shot in a coffee shop outside Lakewood in November 2009. He also admitted stealing $47,000 from the Lakewood Police Independent Guild, the union representing rank-and-file officers, while serving as the group's treasurer.

“As financial crimes come and go, defendant’s criminal wrongdoing ranks at the very top of despicable acts,” Westinghouse was quoted as writing in The News Tribune's story. “Indeed, it would be difficult to imagine thievery that is any more brazen or heartless.”

According to the story:

“He stole to have more toys; he stole to have more fun; and, he stole to gamble,” Westinghouse wrote. “For example, he charged the Alaska Airlines Las Vegas tickets, the Bellagio hotel room, and tickets for a Cirque du Soleil performance for his wife and him though Expedia.”

Manos skimmed money from his colleagues’ union dues by writing checks against the guild account and depositing them into his own, court records show.

In February, City Manager Andrew Neiditz fired Manos based on the recommendation of Police Chief Bret Farrar.

“He has violated two of the most sacred societal taboos – he stole from the needy and he breached the trust that the community placed in him,” the Westinghouse said.

Click here to read The News Tribune's full story.


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