UP Police Nab Woman Suspected Of Numerous Identity Theft, Possession Of Stolen Property Counts

Brandi Blake, 35, is in Pierce County Jail. She was observed using stolen cards belonging to a woman who was parked at Chambers Bay Golf Course earlier this month. UP Police arrested her this week.

A woman suspected of multiple, perhaps hundreds of idenitity thefts and possession of stolen property counts is in jail.

University Place Police arrested Brandi Michelle Blake, 35, this week. She is in Pierce County Jail on $500,000 bail.

Her arrest - which took place earlier this week - stems from an Aug. 3 incident in which a Fircrest woman who parked her car at Chambers Bay Golf Course reported her car broken into and purse missing.

The woman learned that someone had tried to use the cards at multiple stores in Tacoma that day, according to court documents. Authorities contacted the businesses, including AutoZone, where a woman tried to purchase the items but fled after clerks confronted her over the stolen card. The bag of items she carried included spray cans, which police used to obtain fingerprints.

According to court documents, a woman bought $101.35 worth of items at 7-11 that day.

"A transaction was found and surveillance video copied," according to court documents. "The transaction took place at 7:18 a.m. and a female made the purchase and left in a blue and white, 80’s to 90’s Chevy Blazer with a distinctive decal in the rear lower portion of the passenger side window."

On Tuesday, UP Interim Police Chief Larry Minturn observed Blake enter a home at 7523 Lakewood Drive, according to court papers.

"Several hours later, Minturn returned to the residence and could see a white and blue Chevy Blazer parked partially exposed behind the residence. Minturn observed a decal in the rear window that matched the surveillance video from 7-11."

That afternoon, Minturn followed the car as it left the residence, stopped it near Mount Tahoma High School and arrested Blake.

According to UP Police Sgt. Mike Blair, police obtained a warrant and searched the vehicle.

"We recovered literally hundreds of stolen credit cards, crystal meth and purses that we worked back to other vehicle prowls in the county. Tacoma jumped on and cleared some of theirs, and it looks like she may be connected to crimes in Bellingham, Issaquah as well Puyallup."

Blake, who has since been charged with multiple counts out of Tacoma, is next scheduled to appear in Pierce County Superior Court on Aug. 24.

One of their victims March 12, 2013 at 06:12 AM
Wow Brandi got 130 months! I would like to see Lisa Blake, Mike Yaddow, and Kathryn Peterson all face hard time too! Lisa's next court date in Pierce County Superior is 3/19/13 at 1:30pm for Omnibus Hearing. There is a bench warrant out for Mike Yaddow.
Dee Walters April 19, 2013 at 01:02 AM
I was a victim of Brandi Blake..she took my purse and used my credit cards..I am beyond happy at her sentencing but she has been in prison before and she says her temper is too bad to hold a real job so she will get out in 10 years and do it again. Her sister and Mike Yaddow and the whole ring are on FB..if you look at Brandi's FB page you can see all of her "friends" egging her on, talking about her court date. Thank you to the officers and detectives who put this piece of garbage where she belongs.
Crystal Wertz August 20, 2013 at 02:27 PM
I was also one of her sister's victims and Michael Yaddow. Myself and another victim showed up for Michael Yaddow's sentencing and the judge was impressed with our impact statements and Michael Yaddow was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He was asking for 2 years prison, 2 years DOSA and the judge ripped him on how selfish he was and how he didn't care about his 7 children. He stated myself and the other victim that showed up and what we had to say made a huge impact on his sentencing decision and gave him the highest sentence he could. Justice was served, now we await Lisa to be sentenced.
Carolyn M Kerstetter November 09, 2013 at 09:01 PM
I also was a victim of Lisa and Brandi Blake. They were able to steal my debit card numbers and pin on Jun 28th. I knew the exact time Lisa was using my card to buy a prepaid visa at Centralia Safeway, because I was trying to buy groceries for my family here in Lacey at the same time. The ring has yet to be arrested and convicted by Thurston County and Lewis County. They will show no mercy and justice will be again served in ADDITION to Pierce County's conviction. They deserve all of this and more, but you can be assured that they are habitual criminals. That should be added to their list of crimes, too. I am also sure that when they get out of prison, they will return to a life of ripping off the innocent. They will never learn. But, I also can be at every court sentencing and parole hearing for them.


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