More Cuts to Hit Pierce Transit in September

Pierce Transit’s board voted to cut Pierce Transit service by 34 percent this fall.

Pierce Transit riders will see more cuts this fall, when 34 percent of service will be reduced.

The Pierce Transit board voted 6-2 to adopt cuts in service that will affect weekend and holiday service, plus weeknight service within the transportation district, according to the Tacoma News Tribune.

Reductions aren’t as drastic as initially proposed on the election ballot, with most mid-day or peak hour routes still functional.

Some on the Pierce Transit board considered making these cuts in June, rather than September, to save more service hours overall. However, the TNT reports that bus operators have been quitting at an accelerated rate since the transit levy failed in November. The amount of vacancies put pressure on the board to move forward with cuts sooner than anticipated. 

How do you feel about this change in service? Tell us in the comments. 


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