Pac-12 Digital Network Set To Launch Aug. 15

Comcast subscribers will get Pac-12 television, and the launch of the digital network combines "broadcast and internet-delivered content for the most immersive and engaging fan experience ever," said Gary Stevenson, president of Pac-12 Enterprises.

The highly anticipated Pac-12 Network will officially launch Aug. 15.

Alongside the launch of the new television network, dedicated to delivering 24/7 coverage of the Pac-12 Conference, is the simultaneous launch of the Pac-12 Digital Network.

In partnership with Ooyala, a leader in online video technology, Pac-12 Enterprises, the new content and multimedia platform for the Pac-12 Conference, announced it will launch the Pac-12 Network and the accompanying Pac-12 Digital Network at the same time. This is the first time two such networks have launched together.

"Pac-12 Enterprises is committed to raising the bar of the traditional sports viewing experience with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly combines broadcast and internet-delivered content for the most immersive and engaging fan experience ever," said Gary Stevenson, president of Pac-12 Enterprises.

The new Pac-12 Digital Network is a suite of applications for iOS and Android tablets and certain smartphones. According to press releases from both organizations, individual viewers will be able to customize the content "to create the ultimate personalized content experience, specific to their favorite Pac-12 teams, sports and related content."

Those who use the apps on their various mobile devices will have to certify that they are subscribers with one of the Pac-12 Network's broadcasting partners, which include Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, and BrightHouse Networks. The process is as simple as providing an email address and password.

(Click here to find out if you'll get the new Pac-12 network)

The mobile applications will provide users with a wide range of content, including live and on-demand sporting events. App users will also have access to analysis and commentary, conference statistics, press conferences, documentaries, and other content. Social viewing and live interaction will be encouraged as Ooyala brings its personalized web and video experience to app users.

The Pac-12 Network will launch as a group of seven channels, including a national channel that will broadcast the most popular and anticipated matchups each week. Additionally, a group of six regional channels will be part of the network. They include:

  • Pac-12 Los Angeles (USC and UCLA)
  • Pac-12 Arizona (Arizona State University and University of Arizona)
  • Pac-12 Washington (Washington and Washington State)
  • Pac-12 Oregon (Oregon and Oregon State)
  • Pac-12 Bay Area (Stanford and California)
  • Pac-12 Mountain (Colorado University and the University of Utah)

The Pac-12 Network will deliver 24/7 coverage of the conference, including every football game and men's basketball games. The Pac-12 Digital Network will deliver 800 live sporting events, including coverage of the Olympic Games from London, England, 30 football games, and 130 men's basketball games. Video On Demand content, as well as classic sports matchups will also be available.

About the Author: When he’s not watching sports, Porter Olson is a writer and blogger for UsDirect.


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