Pierce Transit Measure Still Too Close To Call

As of Wednesday afternoon, Pierce County voters were rejecting the measure by 735 votes, or half a percentage point.

Pierce Transit's proposed tax hike is still too close to call following the Pierce County Auditor's latest election numbers Wednesday afternoon.

The results show Pierce County voters rejecting the measure by a razor-thin margin. Out of the 136,459 ballots counted, 68,597 were against the measure, while 67,862 approved.

That's a difference of 735 votes, or about half a percentage point.

The Auditor's Office reports a little more than 53 percent of the ballots in Tuesday's election have been counted.

To make up for lost revenue, the Lakewood agency is proposing a sales tax increase of three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) sales tax, or 3 cents on every $10 purchase, to maintain local bus service.

Check back for more updates later.

Terry Tman November 08, 2012 at 02:50 AM
pierce transit needs to figure out there own way to generate funds if you make 20,000$ a year and 600$ more on top of what ever they get now goes to transit weather or not you ride the bus that's just not fair and people may even start driving there cars without insurance to re comber the lost funds to me this tax is stupid and unsafe


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