Poll: Do You Support Governor Gregoire's Proposal for a Temporary Sales Tax Increase?

Gov. Christine Gregoire is proposing over $1.8 billion in government cuts and is asking taxpayers to consider a temporary sales tax increase to prevent some of the more severe reductions.

Earlier this week on Nov. 21, Governor Christine Gregoire announced a host of new state budget cuts. She also proposed several new strategies to increase revenue.

Gregoire announced more than $2 billion in spending cuts, reductions to local government revenue sharing and fund transfers. The cuts are expected to build a $600 million reserve. According to a statement released today, the cuts include:

  • More than $500 million from education programs — reductions that would shorten the K-12 school year, reduce levy equalization payments, and cut state funding for colleges and universities by another 13 to 17 percent;
  • More than $690 million from health and human service programs — cuts that would eliminate the state food assistance and Disability Lifeline programs, close one residential habilitation center and reduce personal care services for some of the state’s most vulnerable individuals; and
  • Nearly $72 million from the Department of Corrections — reductions that would allow the early release of some offenders, shorten the length of offender supervision and reduce chemical dependency programs by 50 percent.

To balance out the cuts, Gregoire asked the public and the Legislature to consider a temporary one-half cent bump in sales tax to generate more income. She’s recommended to the Legislature to bring the issue to voters and let the public decide on the one-half cent sales tax increase. If approved, the increase would raise $494 million through June 30, 2013, and expire July 1, 2015, according to a statement from the Governor’s office.

The additional revenue, she said, would prevent further cuts to education and public safety, in addition to the preservation of services for the developmentally disabled and those who require long-term care services.

Gregoire also proposed a series of revenue alternatives to the Legislature, to the tune of nearly $341 million.

For more information, visit: http://www.ofm.wa.gov/budget12/default.asp.

michael bernstein November 23, 2011 at 09:15 PM
The Washington state democratic controlled government must learn not to spend more than the taxes they take in. Tax and spend is their motto. In my home I can only spend as much as I can afford not more. In this bad econemy raising taxes is not the answer. All the governments in this state are raising taxes and when you add them all up it comes to a lot of money which I cannot afford or for that case many of my fellow neighbors. Tell our government representitvies that enough is enough no more taxes,
Christie Anderson November 23, 2011 at 11:50 PM
Tax increases in Washington State are very rarely, if ever, temporary....so no, I do not support it.
Duane November 24, 2011 at 06:09 AM
NO! When they can learn to spend wisely then maybe. Case in point- The taxpayers paid 2.74 million for a 8 acres of unuseable land on River road from the tribe and then paid 1.49 million to make it a widlife mitigation area, resulting in a loss of feeding and nesting grounds for hundreds of animals and birds. While I am at how about the 47 million to RENOVATE a building down by the capitol. Put in cubicles in her office and empty the building for use by the homeless as that is the way we are all headed. The Boston Tea party will be a party popper compared to what the ELECTED officals, banks,and oil companies are doing to us now.
Dale Osborn November 24, 2011 at 05:16 PM
The government must learn not to operate in the red. Better money management is needed. They must think the masses are a bunch of fools. The masses are getting tired of government always making threats to cut vital services unless they get the tax increase they want. It smells, looks and feels like extortion. Why not cut out the higher paid admin jobs and then they might be able to operate more efficiently. Compare government salaries to what the masses have to survive on and then you see where all the money is going. Greed will cause the downfall of one of the greatest nations. If politicians were volunteers and there was no pay compensation I wonder how many would continue in office?? Personal greed should not be their only reason for being in office. Perhaps their salary should be capped at the lowest level of income of those in their district they are supposed to be representing.
michael bernstein November 25, 2011 at 02:13 AM
No I do not support heard proposal. We the people are broke.


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