State Auditor-elect Troy Kelley Announces Chief of Staff

Troy Kelley, former Democratic legislator from Tacoma, was elected to serve as the Washington State Auditor in the November elections.

State Auditor-elect Troy Kelley named his Chief of Staff on Wednesday. The former Democratic legislator from Tacoma won the state auditor race against his Republican opponent, James Watkins, in the November elections.

Here is the full press release issued by Kelley:

I'm pleased to announce current Deputy Chief of Staff Doug Cochran as the SAO's new Chief of Staff. Doug has an impressive history of public service, which I know he will continue in this new post. As a former Yakima County Auditor, and county administrator, he brings local government experience and knowledge. Doug will provide continuity to the office, while continuing to bring his dynamic perspective to government.   

Doug will be succeeding retiring Chief of Staff Ted Rutt. Ted has dedicated his life to public service. He has a reputation for listening to all sides of an issue, and set an example the office will strive to continue. I wish Ted the best on his retirement.  

The transition team, headed by former OFM Director and Legislative Auditor, Ruta Fanning, has been engaged since November and will keep working through the holidays. As the Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee, I worked closely with Ruta. She brings many years of state government and auditing experience.

The team includes expertise in local and state government auditing, the legislature, and the business community. They provide a unique outlook and have been very helpful throughout this process.  


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