UPDATE: TNT, Olympian Endorse Denny Heck For 10th Congressional District

The Olympian recently gave the nod to Democrat Denny Heck, who is running for the 10th Congressional District against Republican Dick Muri. Today, The News Tribune followed suit.

UPDATE: 10:09 a.m., Oct. 10, 2012

Today, The News Tribune's editorial board also endorsed Heck for Congress:

Muri’s a good candidate; we think Heck is a better one.

Patch will have more information on endorsements as it becomes available.


Original post: Oct. 9, 2012

With less than a month until the November elections, Democrat Denny Heck received the endorsement of The Olympian on Sunday, Oct. 7. The publication is the second-largest newspaper in the 10th Congressional District.

Key excerpts from the endorsement include:

“Heck the clear choice for 10th Congressional District”

“Heck’s broad experience has inspired an evenhanded and comprehensive campaign platform”

“On every account, Heck offers voters a more thoughtful, independent choice”

“Heck is the best representative of the voice South Sounders want in the other Washington.”

You can read the full endorsement online.

Heck is running in the newly created 10th Congressional District. The 10th is a Democratic district that gave President Obama 58 percent of the major party vote in 2008.

Denny Heck, 59, is an entrepreneur, former State Representative and co-founder of TVW, a statewide public affairs TV channel in Washington State. Denny attended and graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1973 and has lived in Olympia for the past 26 years with his wife Paula and their two children, Bob and Trey. Denny and Paula, a retired middle school principal, have been married 36 years.


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