Meet Daizha Brown

Clover Park High School's Sophomore Class president has plenty going to keep her busy, but she also enjoys having the opportunity to chill this year.

Whiz Kid's name: Daizha Brown

Whiz Kid's age: 16

Whiz Kid's school: Clover Park High School

Whiz Kid's accomplishment: In addition to being Clover Park’s Sophomore Class president, Daizha is a varsity cheerleader, a member of National Honor Society and she runs varsity track.

Last year, she earned a 4.0 grade-point average during the spring semester, and is hoping to finish this school year in similar fashion.

After high school, Daizha plans to study political science or business administration at a four-year university such as UCLA, Stanford University, the University of Illinois or the University of Southern California. Among her career aspirations are becoming a financial analyst or running for political office to become a mayor, governor or senator.

Whiz Kid's key to awesomeness: Daizha feels that her “bold and outgoing” personality has served her well.

“I like to do things without being self-conscious or caring with people think of me,” she said.

Such a carefree attitude has helped her when she needs to stand up for what she feels is right, even if other disagree, she said.

Her favorite thing about being a sophomore is “the chill flow of things.” Freshman year, on the other hand, is “kind of scary” because it’s the first year of high school, and she has heard that junior year is “filled with tests” and college preparation, and as a senior, “you have to make everything count.”

This year, she has been able to experience high school without what she calls stress elements.

“I have time to try new things, make new friends, and just have fun.”

Daizha initially got involved with student government in seventh grade when she decided that she wanted to be part of the group that made decisions for the school.

“My teachers saw leadership skills in me and I wanted to put them to use,” she said. “Since then, I have learned to become an even better leader and role model for my peers.” 

Znover Bell April 25, 2012 at 10:46 PM
This is so Beautifu. Thank you to the Author for writing on such a lovely, educated, and beautiful young girl. I can say those things because she is my youngest daughter. It truly brought tears to my eyes to know that she was chosen to be mentioned as a Whiz Kid..Praise God..
michael bethune May 28, 2012 at 09:41 AM
wow thats great. shes a really smart kid. michael bethune


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