What Do John Koster and Todd Akin Have in Common? A Lot

John Koster and Todd Akin are two peas in a pod.


JOHN KOSTER, candidate for Washington's First Congressional District – which includes parts of Kirkland, Redmond and Woodinville and extends north to the Canadian border – holds many of the same views as Todd Akin, who is the GOP’s candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri.

Akin recently took the deplorable public position that certain forms of rape are legitimate and that in no case should a woman, even in cases of rape, be allowed to terminate her pregnancy.  It is clear that Koster shares Akin’s stance on rape and abortion:  In an April 2012 Seattle Times article, Koster was quoted as saying that he “opposes abortions under any circumstances, including incest and rape.” 

But there are other terrifying ways in which Koster is Akin’s replica.  For example, Koster would kill the education department.  During a June 2010 Snohomish County Liberty Action Committee event, Koster said that we need to “abolish the Department of Education.”  Akin too shares those views.

According to an August 17 Kansas City Star article, Akin said that he is against federal spending for the National School Lunch Program, which provides cash and surplus food for nearly 650,000 school lunches in Missouri each day.  And in response to the question “Is it something the federal government should do?” Akin answered: “No. … I think the federal government should be out of the education business.”

Koster denies climate change.  In response to the following question posed at a June 3, 2010 Snohomish County meeting, “Do you believe man is responsible for climate change,” Koster stated his answer clearly: “No.  Absolutely not.”  Akin is no different.

Addressing the House floor, Akin – a member of the House Science and Technology Committee – called the threat of global warming a “comedy.”  Specifically, he said “This whole thing strikes me if it weren’t so serious as being a comedy you know. … Who in the world wants to put politicians in charge of the weather anyways? What a dumb idea….”

Koster and Akin are both Tea Party proponents.  During a June 3, 2010 Snohomish County meeting, Koster said “The Tea Party movement…is one of the most exciting things that’s happening to this country for a long time.”  As part of that Tea Party, Koster shares its goal of privatizing social security.  During a February 16, 2010 speech given at a luncheon on Whidbey Island, Koster claimed that we would be better off if social security, Medicaid and Medicare were handled within “individual retirement accounts.”  Put another way, “privatized.”

In 2001, Akin co-signed a letter to President Obama’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security calling for privatization.  The letter said “Social Security reform must offer younger workers the opportunity to improve their rates of return using personal retirement accounts.” 

And it is no surprise that Koster opposes same sex marriage.  In fact, Koster believes it undermines “the very cornerstone of our society.”  And Akin?  Well, during a 2006 speech made to the House floor, Akin said that “Anybody who knows something about the history of the human race knows that there is no civilization which has condoned homosexual marriage widely and openly that has long survived.”

There are other similarities:  Koster is pro-gun.  He would reject “any legislation” that might curtail a person’s ability to own a gun, while Akin willingly advertises his “A” lifetime rating with the NRA.  Koster, like Akin, supports increased domestic oil drilling.  During a 2010 radio interview, Koster said plainly that we should “Drill here and drill now.”  And despite the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, Koster still takes the position that our current “regulatory structure is, believe me, more than enough at this current time to protect the environment.”  Akin is no different.

In fairness to Koster, according to an August 20 Seattle Times article, Koster criticized Akin’s recent rape statements as being “reprehensible and bizarre.”  But Koster added that he wanted people to know that “not all pro-life people are crazy.”  That might be the case.  But it is more likely the case that Koster is not among the exceptions, but instead embodies the rule.


Trent Latta is an attorney and lives in Kirkland.  He may be reached at TrentLatta@gmail.com. 

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Ken James August 28, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Edwin, The fact remains, it is Trent Latta that is using slimy and misleading political tactics. I'm sure you have noticed that Trent Latta has dodged invitations to discuss issues and instead engages in attempts to smear opponents and brings discredit to those Democrats he is trying to promote. It's what he does because he doesn't have the confidence to argue their positions. It's the same tactic used my most Democrats this election cycle to distract from any discussion about the mess they have made of the economy and the fiscal health of the nation.
Gail August 28, 2012 at 10:43 PM
You really don't get it Trent. Koster liking/praising Rush has NOTHING TO DO with anything. So he likes an ENTERTAINER. What exactly is wrong here? You don't like Rush. So? I do. Rush is the #1 talk show radio guy in the US http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/
Gail August 28, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Trent, the inferred link to Wright and Obama is every bit as valid (arguably more so) as what you are attempting to do. Liking an entertainer is hardly the same as Rev Wright's comments with Obama refusing to disavow the remarks Wright made. Again, sad you can't cross the simple bridge to bring a bit of straight talk to the debte. Here's some simple advice - BE HONEST. It will help you mature. Since you claim that Obama never said that, how does praising Rush mean anything? Using your exact same inference, how does what Rush say have anything to do with Koster? Remember, Rush is an ENTERTAINER and says what he says for audience ratings. What Wright said is for a very different reason. Trent, put on your big boy pants here - Obama apparently agreed enough that he wouldn't repudiate the remarks and said so (video makes that clear). Interesting isn't it what your sort of tactic result in when applied to clearly the same sort of 'guilt by association'. Only thing is, I like Rush (along with millions) and I don't think many people like Rev Wright's remarks. What say you now Trent?
Trent Latta August 30, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Washington’s public education system, if permitted the benefit of state-generated income, and if treated as the “paramount duty” our Constitution dictates, is alone capable of providing the excellent learning opportunities our children so entirely deserve. Charter Schools are not necessary. http://kirkland.patch.com/blog_posts/back-to-charter-school
Mary Peterson August 30, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Well Trent, you are a well postioned Democratic official. You must know that your party controls our State Legislature. Your party controls the Governors Office. What is your party doing about it. Complaining won't work. If you answer please be civil. Please don't assume I'm a Republican either. You seem to be party driven so that is why I have structured my question this way.


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