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Tu-Ha Nguyen is a graduate of Seattle University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations and Communications Studies. Other areas of academic endeavor include: Business administration, photography, culinary arts, music/drama, physical therapy and interior design.  In the late 90's, Tu-Ha accepted a position as a sales and marketing representative with a mailing and shipping powerhouse (Tukwila, WA). Tu-Ha moved on to be a sales executive within The Wireless Industry (Los Angeles, CA).  In 2007, Tu-Ha returned to Western WA . From then, she juggled a medley of contract work as an interpreter/translator for a marketing firm, a caregiver and a recruiter/crew leader for The U.S. Census.
If there is spare time, Tu-Ha loves to volunteer for a variety of non-profits.  Her passions include assisting organizations to house the homeless, cooking for soup kitchens, fund raising for food banks and many other "hands on" activities for social justice causes.  In other prisms of life's light, she can be found cooking, baking, attending mediation and yoga class. Tu-Ha enjoys engaging with nature through a Canon lens, speed walking & attending concerts and plays. She is happily married and has a puppy dog named Cinnamon. 
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